Outti og André

Outti og Andrè er to ekte naturbarn fra nord som har funnet hverandre over den finsk-norske grensa. Heldigivs har de bosatt seg her hos oss. Å være sammen med dem, handler også om å få gå inn i deres eventyrlige verden. De har Bodø som base deler av året, men beveger seg og driver virksomhet over hele regionen.

18.04.201612:06 Kampanje spa & velvære

Outi Johanna Lassila er finsk, mens André Madvig Wagelid er norsk same.

Dette forteller Outi om seg selv:

Outi Johanna Lassila - albminorsk fell in love with outdoor life in 2009 and went strait to kayaking trips in Norway and spent one year in New Zealand by kayaking, climbing and caving. My steep learning curve taught me a lot of group behaviour, decision making and life values.

My background is youth worker in city of Vantaa in south Finland. I have graduated from Tornio University of Applied Sciences as a Community educator. I have concentrated my studies in Tornio to outdoor education and I have been studying in Bodø University of Noand about avalanche, winter hikes, sea kayaking, mountain climbing and survival skills.

As the leader of Tornio climbing club I have participated in developing climbing in the area. I am Norwegian Climbing associations Brattkort instructor and I have rope climbing instructor certification from the Finnish climbing association. I have European river Rescue 3 certification and Finnish kayaking instructor certification. I am also aktivity leaden in Norges padling feteration and i can hold våttkort courses. 

At the moment I am working as an leader for Albmi Adventures As. 

I like to inspire people to stretch their skills in to a new level. Experience does not come for free, you need to take step forward and go for it.

Seeya out there!   ​

Og dette forteller Andrè om seg selv:

André Madvig Wagelid - albminorsk I’m a Sáme from Lakselv, Finnmark with a love for mountain and movement. I have been climbing and skiing from the day I was born and in my grown up life I have worked and educating myself and others in wilderness and outdoors adventures courses.

I have been climbing from age of 15 and been developing climbing and bouldering in Northern Norway from mid-90 till now. I have been an active competition climber for many years and been holding climbing courses since 1996. As a mountaineering guide I have been working since 2005 for example Stetind, Hammarøyskaftet, Svolværgeita, Vågakallen and Strandåtindtraversen. I am active member of Bodø Alpine rescue team and have been educated rope access techniques. These techniques have been useful in rescuing missions that I have been taking part of. 

I have been skiing  as long as I can remember. I got avalanche course at University of Nordland and worked at same place as an avalanche instructor several years. Ihave also been working with avalanche man Crister Lundberg Nes in avalanche safety courses and have been several seasons in the Alps skiing.

I have been working as an outdoor instructor for University of Nordland since 2008. Courses that I have been instructor for are basic hiking, river canoeing and kayaking, winter hiking, avalanche course, traditional climbing, Sami culture week and survival skills. 


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